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Valentine's From Afar

Happy Valentine's Day, Dear Reader!  Here's hoping that you're having a wonderful time with your significant other... filled with chocolate, roses, and candlelight.  Personally, Yours Truely is hoping for something a little more practical... like a teleportation device. This Valentine's Day My Darlin' is a whopping 750 miles away... and the distance has never felt longer then it does today. 

Ever been in a long distance relationship, Dear Reader?  They are not for the faint of heart, the jealous type, or those who are overly clingy.  Yours Truely has found that it can increase the relationship's depth of communication... but only to the level one commits to really listening to their significant other.  My best advice... Spring for that unlimited phone plan and use it liberally!  Talk... text... flirt... discuss... or just be there in silence with each other... Use the time you're apart physically to foster the friendship and closeness that will provide the foundation for a lifetime. 

This is a time to learn about each other... to find out some of their likes and dislikes... their foibles.  During Christmas, we discussed decorating for the season.  Yours Truely, having been an apartment dweller for over a decade now, has almost gotten out of the habit.  My Darlin' laughed as she exclaimed "You are soooo screwed!" and cheerfully related how she loves to decorate for the season... inside and out.  (Yours Truely secretly misses the ritual and is soooo looking forward to sharing that with her this year.)  We've discussed everything from pets to parenting to politics.  We've surfed the web together... and listened as The Boy serenaded us on his guitar.

Yours Truely enjoys listening in to My Darlin's daily life as well... lurking electronically in the background as My Darlin' welcomes her son home from school, helps with the homework, and yells for him to quit bouncing on the couch.  She's mystified as to why Yours Truely does so, but it's amazing how much you learn about a person from the way they deal with their children.  One cannot keep up any sort of reasonable facade for long around their children... they'll rat you out everytime!  As a parent myself, Yours Truely is able to relate to all the trials and tribulations she's going through too.

A long distance relationship is difficult though. It will test your resolve... your patience... your love.  Still, Yours Truely does not regret a moment of it... and will gladly wait for you, My Darlin'.  After all, when you've been waiting your whole life to find your other half, what's a little longer.

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