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Happy Mother's Day!

This year will break a long standing Mother's Day tradition for Yours Truly and The Boy.  For the past ten years we've out for a movie and dinner for Mother's Day.  Today though I volunteered with his high school band to work the concession stands at the local minor league ballpark.  So we'll be spending the majority of our Mother's Day serving up hot dogs and drinks to the locals.  Thankfully it's supposed to be a beautiful day for a ballgame!

While I don't mind giving up my Mother's Day for the cause, I was feeling a little guilty until I found out that G-Ma wasn't going to be home on Mother's Day either.  She's off on her own volunteer adventure with the Red Cross helping out tornado victims.  I completely forgot the time difference there and accidentally woke her up to wish her a Happy Mother's Day this morning.  Felt even worse about the time when she told me they'd given them a half-day off today in celebration.  Sorry, Mom!

I had to send G-Ma a picture of The Boy and the GF all dressed up for their senior prom.  It's hard to believe how quickly time flys when you have a child!  Any mother can tell you to savor all these moments while you can.  The Boy and GF let it drop this weekend that they are considering moving away to a college out of state in a couple of years to support her choice in majors.  Ok... so marine biology is best studied near a body of water, but she could change her plans by then... right?  Guess I'll just have to take a few deep breaths and get ready for that inevitable point when all children develop an autonomous life.  He'll soon be waking me up with a long-distance call just to make sure I know he's thinking of me on Mother's Day.  Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy his company as long as I can.

Off to the park!  Have a glorious Mother's Day however you spend it!

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