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New Horizons...

Well, Dear Reader, it's finally official... in an unofficial way... Yours Truely got the promotion!  Actually it's been kinda anti-climatic around here.  Everyone assumed ages ago that Yours Truely was being earmarked for the position and it has yet to be "officially" announced at large...so there's not much of a congratulatory mood really.  Still, Yours Truely is all excited!

Now the fun really starts!  Yours Truely has a blank slate to play with.... a new plant and a blank system waiting to be created.... literally.  But wait... There's more!  Not one.... Four databases await Yours Truely's  input before the plant starts up.  Can you say "pressure", Dear Reader.  Needless to say that in addition to being excited, Yours Truely is a wee bit nervous.  Luckily I have a lot of support... including from my current team... which will be invaluable.

So, Dear Reader, begins the whirlwind as Yours Truely prepares for a new job in a new state with a new team.  Wish me luck!


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