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Mullet Season Approaches!

Ahhh, Spring!  Time for flowers, baseball, and mullets!  Ah yes... As the Mullets start emerging to enjoy the Spring weather, it's almost time for our annual Spring Mullet Hunt!  This is a new tradition that started with a few friends at work and now includes a growing circle of enthusiasts in our area.  Last year I came in second place, beat by less then 10 points.  I'm a hunter on a mission this year!

Billy Ray Cyrus' well-known Mullet
Never heard of a Mullet Hunt!?!  Well, of course, you're familiar with the mullet itself aren't you?  That long-flowing mane so popular in the states back in the 80's.... "Business in the front... Party in the back!"  It's still to be found today sprouting up around beer taps, racetracks and Walmarts everywhere!  If you are quiet and approach stealthily, you can snap a photo of these oddities in their natural habitat.  Hence the Mullet Hunt was born!

Our hunters must follow some basic rules.  First and foremost, no hunting at your workplace.  I don't know about you, but we know where all the Mullets at work hang out making this very unsporting indeed.  Also, HR might frown upon it, so.... Mullets must be hunted in the wild.  Check your neighborhood Walmart, the line for lottery tickets or any party involving a keg... They seem to be drawn to them.

Second, no photos where the Mullet is covered by hat or scarf.  You may have witnessed the full glory of the Mullet, but the judges have to be fair here.  It's hard to determine whether it's truely a mullet or just a bad hair day going on under there.

Third, all photo must be taken on your cell phone's camera.  Use of telephoto lens would be unsporting as well.  You must get up close and personal with your prey.  This may be checked upon request by producing the cell phone with photos in situ should anyone doubt the varacity of the Hunter.

Fourth, all photos are judged by a point system based on angle of view with extra points given according to a list provided.  By our agreed upon point system, the Holy Grail of Mullet Hunters would be a group-shot of Mullets, all facing the camera with an old pickup, beer can(s) and the Mullet Hunter themself clearly visible in the photo touching one of the Mullets.

I'm at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to getting shots with myself in the photo as The Boy refuses to assist in the hunt.  I have been known to hand friends my cell though to get that perfect plumage pic.  One friend had a great idea that I may try out during the upcoming hunting season.  She suggested carrying around a fake scavenger hunt list with one item listed being "Photo of yourself with a man with long hair".  Might have to change the wording a bit, but it could work.  I'm thinking of making it a birthday scavenger hunt and adding "holding a Happy Birthday sign" to the item.  Then I can see how many pics I can get with Mullets holding a sign saying Happy Birthday to one of the judges.  Bet I can garner a few extra style points for that one!

Happy Hunting!

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  1. This may be the best challenge I have ever heard. I'm in.


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