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For Your Viewing Pleasure...

The Boy trys to block my view... focus my attention elsewhere... physically steer me away, but I'm drawn to that huge bin of low priced videos at the store.  Yep... That's me pawing through multiple copies of "Twins", flipping past the "George of the Jungle", frantic to see what's under that copy of "Speed" always searching for that one gem that always hidden somewhere in there.  I know it's there... I have faith it's there.

For years now, Yours Truly has been on a video treasure hunt.  It all started back when I realized how many wonderful movies that The Boy would miss out on if I didn't take matters into hand and expand his viewing horizon.  He wasn't very appreciative at first... You should have heard the whinning..."It's black and white!  I can't believe you're making me watch this old thing!"  I finally got him to agree to watch the first 10 minutes of Jimmy Stewart in "Harvey"... and he was hooked.  Of course, who wouldn't fall for an invisible, 6 foot tall rabbit hanging out with a family almost as odd as our own.

Slowly we've crossed movies off the master list...  from the oldies to more modern fare.  We've run the gamut in a noble quest... for I truely believe that our youth should be exposed to more then just the latest fad.  Call it my version of a classic education, be it movies, books, or music.

I'll never forget dragging The Boy to see "Lord of the Rings" when it first came out.  "Just consider it my Mother's Day present... dinner and a movie."  The Boy watched wide-eyed as the tale unfolded... leaping onto his knees in the seat to loom over me when the credits began rolling... "It can't end there!!  What happens next!!"  That evening we dug out my old, dog-earred copy of the second book in the trilogy, "The Two Towers" and he took up the quest anew... struggling a bit over the vocabulary, but enjoying the tale all the more for the effort. 

To that end, I'd like to share a list of my top ten, must-see movies.  Yours Truly and The Boy agonized over which of our favorites to include.  I was shot down on "Breakfest at Tiffany's" and used my veto power for his suggestion of the movie version of "Rent".  Let us know how the following matches up to your top ten.
"To Kill a Mockingbird" 
"Cool Hand Luke"   
"The Godfather"                                               
"Arscenic and Old Lace"  
"Star Wars" (Originals only, please!)                    
"2001 - A Space Odessey"
"Schindler's List"
"What Dreams May Come"
"Lord of the Rings"
"It's a Wonderful Life"

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  1. Oh, your list of movies rock. I love it! And bargin bins are the most fun! I'll go shopping with you anyday!


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