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DC in the Springtime

Even though we've been back home from vacation for over a week, I can still close my eyes and smell cherry blossoms!  The Boy and The GF were anxious to see the National Zoo, so I ventured out solo for a contemplative stroll amongest the trees along the tidal basin.  It was still early in the day and, while many were out, most were observing this Springtime rite with a kind of quiet reverence and consideration for others, as evidenced by those that paused to allow photographers to complete their shots before passing.

A group of monks clad in brilliant orange were capturing closeups of blossoms and a few shots of each other against the soft pink of the blooms to show those back home.  Further along, an artist has set up her easel to capture Jefferson's profile with a floral foreground.  Several people stop to watch her deftly stroke the painting to life.  One young man rotates through three different cameras trying to capture the view from a precarious slope for everyone in his group.  A young couple capture an angelic photo of their baby girl against a cloud of petals.  Ducks and paddleboats float lazily through it all. 

After strolling around all morning, stretching out on the grass in the shadow cast by the Washington Memorial for a few minutes was heavenly.  A few kids were flying colorfull kites nearby providing some entertainment while I caught my breath before visiting the Reflecting Pool and the War Memorials. 

I've always found the Vietnam Memorial a very powerful, emotional tribute... but I was impressed by my first visit to the Korean War Memorial this trip as well.  Statues of a patrolling troop make their way through the grass reflecting against a dark wall etched with images of their breathern.  The artist captures the determination and fear on the faces of the soldiers in a way that will move you.

Yours Truely has always been a sucker for photography... and I happily snapped pic after pic from all angles searching to capture that perfect iconic image.  I was able to cull it down to slightly over 200 of the best pics to share with you.  You'll find images from the Smithsonian's exhibits, Memorials, Monuments.... and Cherry Blossoms galore!  Just wish I'd snapped a pic of the fellow practicing Tai Chi on the moving Metro car while holding a couple of donut boxes... Definately a novel exercise program, but I don't think it will catch on.  Enjoy the show and let me know what you think!

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  1. The way you write about it makes me feel in the mood for a holiday. Nice pics too!

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