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Miracle of Miracles!

Yours Truly has experienced an absolute miracle this week!  First let me share that I've been a smoker for over 30 years now.  I know.... nasty habit, terribly unhealthy, and I was totally addicted.  Today for the first time, I've seen a light at the end of that tobacco tunnel... and it's not emanating from a Zippo!

Yesterday, after weeks of researching, I received my first personal vaperizer (PV), a Janty eGo, and have only smoked 3... count 'em!... 3 cigarettes since then!  This is a pure miracle for someone who usually puffs through almost two packs (roughly 36-37) cigs a day.  I'm excited and The Boy is tickled pink that I may quit stinking up the place.  G-Ma, who quit several years ago, is thrilled too... Though she's going to miss pilfering the occasional cig from me to hide for those stressful times. Who'd of thought it!  I can still get my nicotine fix, but without the tar, the 4,000+ cancer causing chemicals, or spreading second-hard smoke in a cloud around me!
Once my taste buds come back, I'm going to have to try some of the flavors that the e-juice (nicotine liquid) comes in.  Wonder how good that Banana Split juice is?  Don't think I could handle the Bacon flavor though!  Anyway, just had to share my joy with you all.

Note:  If you or someone you know is interested in getting off the cancer sticks, I'd advise doing your own research first.  The E-Cigarette Forum is a great place to start with a lot of information.


  1. Good to hear that you're keeping away from that deadly stick. Hope this works and you overcome that addiction. Wishing you the best...:)

  2. I began smoking when I was 18 and continued for, well, a long time. I know how hard it can be to say goodbye to that deadly friend so I hope this works for you. It's really worth the pain. I've been free for 10 years and it feels great to breathe deeply again.

  3. That's the wonder of it all, Larry... absolutely no pain involved! Just take another puff off the vaporizer and it's all better. I'm trading one habit for another, but it's a much healthier one for me. Thank both of you for wishing me well!

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