"Insanity doesn't run in my family.... It practically gallops!" - Cary Grant in "Arsenic and Old Lace" (1944)
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Moving Miscellania

Well, Dear Reader, Yours Truely is spending her free time packing away.... when procrastination techniques run dry at least.  One mustn't rush into these things after all.... Weekend mornings are best savored slowly over a cup (or three) of coffee allowing one to dread contemplate the task ahead at one's leisure.  With gentle prodding from my friends as to the progress of my endevour and encouragement from My Darlin'... boxes are slowly stacking up with the assorted flotsam of my life.

Which leaves me to ponder upon one of life's true mysteries... Just how does one accumulate all this... stuff?!?  Does it multiply when we're not looking?  Does it sneak into the junk drawers/corners/rooms while we're asleep?  Sorting through the odds and ends has lead to several discoveries of things forgotten though... from a T-square... to a picture taken when The Boy was just days old... to a Tickle Me Elmo... How have these things escaped notice in this small apartment?  Truely amazing what emerges from the back of that closet when you dig far enough! 

The task has also lead Yours Truely to wonder... if my domicile is taking this long to sort through, how in the world will we ever cope if something happens to G-Ma?  She is the true Collector Queen in our fractured family.  Spread through her home are collections reflecting her many interests over the years... ranging from ceramics... to reams of information on the family tree... to woven baskets.  She borders on hoarding... filling any space to an overflowing, precariously balanced pile with ease.  At some point, the treasure trove of her life will become my overwhelming task.  Wonder what skeletons memories we'll find in there?

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